Type : Social Political show

Name: Mid-Night GOV 

Network: CBC EGYPT 

Airtime: Daily (Sun-wed) 

Duration : 45 minutes

This was social/political TV show. The main idea was to create a think tank made of young journalist, activists, thinkers, and artist from different fields and social backgrounds. The think tank was led by presenter, radio host, social celebrity and author Ahmed El Esseli. The show aimed at analysing current social and economic problems from a young perspective, discuss it, engage the public, get expert opinion and demonstrate cases from other counties that overcame similar problems. The show ended with a final conclusion and recommendation to solve the problem. The show covered a wide range of issues such as pollution, energy, wheat, animal cruelty, voting, recycling, racism, vision, management and many more. The reporting team met with minsters, thinkers, street audience, in addition to repots  from China, Japan, UAE, Singapore and Malaysia. In total 50 subjects over a period of 3 month.

To see the episodes click here


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